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Soul Ease 

A Personal Spa & Lifestyle Boutique


At Soul Ease we take the approach of feeding and nourishing your skin. We believe in customizing all our facials to suit your skin’s specific needs at the time of your service. This is why our menu is simple and we do not up charge for every little thing that will help you achieve the results you want. Our prices are set by time and the only add-on is Dermaplaning (a lovely complement to almost any facial). All you have to do is pick the treatment based on the amount of time, and we will take care of the rest.

Unsure of what to pick? Our most popular service time with clients is 90 minutes

One of the most elaborate, complete “Zen” facial treatments that envelops you in delicate scents and offers a little break of incomparable well-being. Specializing in a world class high touch facial using Hungarian and French techniques. The most technically advanced and expert treatment using high performance hand crafted organic and natural ingredients customized to target well aging and skin clarity during all of life’s seasons. Rejuvenating and intensely hydrating action of controlled alpha and beta hydroxy acids, repairing vitamins, peptides, plant stem cells and natural emollients. Bringing out the skin’s natural glow, clarity and restoring smoothness as early as the first treatment.

Soul Ease Transcendant 

120 minutes $299

For the most luxurious and Soul Ease experience start with a welcoming foot soak before your facial. Enjoy all the benefits of the Soul Ease Exclusive Facial with the addition of an advanced exfoliation treatment. A layered treatment for your feet and hands with an organic sugar scrub, enzyme and hydrating mask tucked into herbal filled hand and foot mitts. Elevate your results with microcurrent and Celluma LED. 

Soul Ease Exclusive 

90 minutes $149

Our most popular facial with two enzyme exfoliation, an added layered eye treatment to help soothe and brighten tired puffy eyes. Hydrating, softening and exfoliating lip plumping treatment. Hand and arm massage with the added benefit of warm herbal mitts to help with increasing product penetration and easing aches our hands often experience. Choice of microcurrent or Celluma LED or let your Esthetician chose for you. 

Soul Ease Classic

60 minutes $110

Includes single enzyme, hand and arm massage, head, neck and shoulder massage.


Immediate and long lasting visible

results with a healing touch